Sonic BIRDCHASER         Scare away pest birds humanely and safely
Use the  'Call of the Wild'  to keep pests at bay

Pricing:  $59.95 US/  $59.95 CDN/  £39.95 GB

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The Sonic BIRDCHASER is an affordable and proven bird control deterrent device. It is perhaps the most effective, natural and environmentally friendly way of scaring away pest birds.

The Sonic BIRDCHASER uses a natural predatory principle to deter unwanted birds away from your farm, orchard, garden, yard or other area. It is equipped with a quality Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor which detects movement in a defined area. When "tripped", the on-board, powerful loudspeaker broadcasts predatory calls of the eagle, hawk, falcon and owl.

This device has 2 modes. In motion detect mode it will only sound off when it detects a person, bird, dog etc. (works just like motion activated outdoor lights) In the Auto mode it will set off the sound at a regular interval (user adjustable). Also has adjustable volume control. A built-in photocell turns the bird chaser unit off when it gets dark.

Birds affected: e.g. Sparrows, Blackbirds, Pigeons, Crows, Blackbirds, Starlings, Seagulls, Herons and other pest birds. Some animals such as mice, rats, raccoons, rabbits and other wildlife may also be deterred from the area under cover. The BIRDCHASER will not harm humans nor other natural creatures

Special IC Chip recording of actual predatory calls of the wild
bullet Loudspeaker sound emission with variable volume control
bullet PIR Motion Detector: triggers only when motion is detected in
fan-shaped area of 130 degrees, distance up to 30 feet
bullet AUTO mode function- adjustable 5 - 30 minute intervals.
bullet Built-in photocell turns off the device when dark.
bullet Power Supply: AC/DC Adapter included