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  Safety Multi-Lamp & Emergency Charger

Smart, multi-functional lamp
flashlight, night light, motion detector light, blackout emergency light

Power generator and charger
charges most cell phones, iPods, MP3s, PDA, GPS etc.
Comes with cell phone and USB power tips

SOS 100dB Siren

AC re-chargeable & self-powered

Eco-friendly: saves energy

Compact, portable, splash proof

Indoor & outdoor uses
great for camping,cottages, homes, travelling etc.

"Never again be left in the dark or run out of power"

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What is it?

The Sentina 'Outback' is a versatile, self-powered, safety and emergency unit that functions as a smart multi-lamp and re-chargeable power bank. There are four different lighting options available. When an electronic device such as a cell phone/PDA/GPS/MP3 is connected to it, the Outback will transfer its stored power to re-charge it.

The Outback has an internal storage battery which is itself re-charged using the supplied AC adapter or by self-powered "winding up" or "cranking" using its built-in hand crank. You need never be without light or power, even during a blackout.
The Outback is hand-sized (3 x 2.5 x 6 inches) lightweight (8 oz.), portable and shock/splash proof. It can easily be carried by its handle or stand alone. The Outback comes complete with a simple product manual, an AC adapter, a USB power lead, four cell phone power tips and a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

The Outback can be used indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for use when camping, at home or cottage, in your car, RV or boat and while travelling. Keep one on hand for safety and emergency uses:- the Outback ensures that you always have a ready and dependable source of light and power.

Smart, multi-functional LED bright lamp

The Sentina Outback is the ultimate safety and emergency lamp.

It comprises four super bright, long-lasting LED lights which can provide light for hours on end.

Importantly, this versatile lamp offers four different lighting options as described below:

  1. LED Flashlight, Torch, Lantern: can be held & easily transported or hung up by its handle as a lantern. It is powered by the Outback's own internal battery which is re-chargeable either by using the AC adapter or by self-powered hand cranking. (Just 2 minutes of winding can provide 30 minutes of light.) Ideal for use when camping, at home, cottage or in RV's, cars and while travelling.

  2. Motion Detector Light: built-in sensor detects motion within 12 feet and turns on the bright, safety LED lamp when you pass by. It stays on for about 15 seconds or longer if someone is in front of it. Automatic photo-sensitivity ensures that it will only operate in dim light or darkness. Great for providing motion detector-triggered light in dark hallways, stairs or doorways. Also useful for home security, it will alert you of someone approaching.

  3. Automatic Night Light: dusk to dawn energy-saver light. Photo sensitive so it will only stay on when it is dark.

  4. Power Outage Emergency Light: automatically turns on in the event of a power failure.

Power generator and charger

The Sentina Outback is a Re-chargeable Powerbank capable of generating and storing power for later transfer to power up an electronic device such as: Cell Phone, Blackberry, GPS, PDA, PSP, iPod, MP3, radio etc.

There are two ways to charge up the Outback's own power reserve: using the AC plug-in adapter (supplied) or by self-powered "winding up" with the built-in hand crank --- so you can actually generate your own power; even during an outage. An indicating light on the Outback shows the status of its power reserves.

To transfer power to a cell phone or other electronic device, simply connect the supplied lead between the Outback and the device following the simple instructions provided in the product manual (.pdf, 131kb). A USB charge cord is provided. There are also four connecting power tips that will fit most cell phones. More power tips are available to purchase.

Once fully charged and connected, you can either power your cell phone/PDA/PSP/IPOD/MP3 or other device directly from the Outback's internal 5V NiMH battery. For instance, the Outback can provide up to 5 hours of talk time or 2 days of stand by for a cell phone, or up to 5 hours of play time for an iPod. Winding the hand crank generates further power for storage in the Outback's power bank for later use.

Light and Portable-- you can charge your cell phone or other device on the go - anytime, anywhere.

Be prepared for the unexpected!

SOS 100dB Siren

The Outback features a conveniently-located red emergency SOS button. Once pressed, a loud siren sounds until the button is pressed again, This SOS Siren is handy as an alert or deterrent in an emergency situation either at home or when travelling. A sensible built-in precaution for camping, boating or other traveling modes.


Dealer Enquiry

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