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Re-chargeable USB Power Bank
Portable power bank
stores energy for later use

Charger & emergency generator
charges most cell phones, iPod, MP3, PDA, GPS etc.
includes cell phone and USB power tips

Universal USB charger

Built-in flashlight

AC re-chargeable & self-powered

Eco-friendly: saves energy

Compact, light, splash proof

Indoor & outdoor uses
handy and reliable for travelling, at home, cottage, business... etc.
"For back-up power on the go:-- anywhere, anytime."

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Re-chargeable USB Power Bank


What is it?

SuperBattery is a portable, re-chargeable powerbank capable of generating and storing power for later transfer to re-charge an electronic device such as a cell phone, Blackberry, GPS, PDA, PSP, iPod, MP3, radio etc.

In those situations where your cell phone or other device is out of power, SuperBattery will save the day! A "must-have" for travelling, outdoor activities and emergencies, SuperBattery is universal so it saves you from having to carry various specific chargers.

For example, if you are out hiking, or on a bus or boat with no charging facilities, SuperBattery will provide the back-up power you need. It can be a life saver in the event of an emergency when power is unavailable and communication is vital.

In addition, there is a built-in, long-lasting, super bright LED Flashlight so you will always have
a ready and handy light.

Charger & emergency generator ----------- Universal USB charger

SuperBattery has a powerful internal storage NiMH battery which, when fully charged, can power a cell phone for up to 10 hours of talk time.

To transfer power to a cell phone or other electronic device, simply connect the supplied lead between the Outback and the device following the simple instructions provided in the product manual (.pdf, 80 kb). A USB charge cord is provided so you can actually charge any USB device. There are also four connecting power tips that will fit most cell phones and other devices. More power tips are available to purchase.

The built-in crank gives you a second source of unlimited power to directly charge your cell phone, Blackberry, PDA, GPS or other device.

SuperBattery is itself very easy to re-charge using the supplied AC adapter or by self-powered "winding up". Winding the hand crank generates power for storage in the Outback's power bank for later use. An indicating light shows the status of its power reserves.

Portable power bank   

SuperBattery is handy to carry, weighing a mere 6 oz. and measuring a "pocket-sized": 2.25" (W) x 4" (H) x 1.5" (D). It's casing is shock/splash proof.

SuperBattery comes complete with a simple product manual, an AC adapter, a USB power lead, four cell phone power tips and a one-year manufacturer's warranty.


Dealer Enquiry

Re-chargeable USB Power Bank

Kador Ltd. distributes the popular SuperBattery to dealers at discounted prices.

If you are a dealer interested in re-selling this fine product, please email Kador Ltd.

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