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Removable, washable, re-usable

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Seal'n TypeTM  FAQ
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Will Seal'n TypeTM affect typing?
Seal'n Type is so soft and light to the touch that there is an excellent typing 'feel'. Depressing one key does not activate adjacent keys.

Does Seal'n TypeTM  fit any keyboard?
Seal'n Type is pre-moulded to fit specific models of keyboards.
When ordering, please specify the exact make and model of your keyboard (often found underneath it). Use the simple online order form provided.

Seal'n Type can be custom-made at a reasonable price for all types of keyboards and other push button machines. Please contact Kador for a quotation.

How does Seal'n TypeTM  cover the keyboard?
Seal'n Type fits over the keys and keyboard extending over the sides depending on the keyboard profile. A wrap around version is also available for equipment in hostile environments. Seal'n Type comes with and simple fitting instructions and adhesive strips which may be an option.

Of what is Seal'n TypeTM made?
Only the highest quality polymers including polyurethane,are used to produce SEAL'n TYPE . All are specially formulated to have high tensile strength and excellent flexibility. Other properties include: good chemical resistance, anti-static treatment, UV stabiliser to reduce discolouring, anti-glare finish retaining translucency and re-cyclable. More detailed information is online at: Seal'n Type Technical Specifications. Seal'n Type complies with EU regulations.

How long will Seal'n TypeTM last?
Seal'n Type covers are made by Kador to last for years. They are impervious to long fingernails and will not noticeably discolour in normal office or home use.

Is there a guarantee?
There is a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee from the date of purchase based on normal office or home use.

How much doesSeal'n TypeTM  cost?
Seal'n Types are sold worldwide. The recommended retail price of Seal'n Type is $14.95(US) or $14.95(CDN) or £12.95(GB).
Discounts are offered for volume purchase.

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The material(s) used in SEAL'n TYPE are polymeric such as polyurethane (PU) and have been specially designed for KADOR Ltd. to ensure excellent flexibility and long-lasting strength. Moreover, each has been formulated with additives to reduce discolouring (UV stability) and to promote anti-staticity. During the manufacturing process it is further de-staticised and an anti-glare finish is applied though it remains translucent. The material is lead and cadium toxin free. It is also recyclable.
SEAL'n TYPE (PU) complies with US, Health Canada, EC and various other international standards.
For further information in this regard, please contact KADOR's Technical Department.

SEAL'n TYPE (PU) will stand up to abrasion, puncture, tear and impact, and resists many gases, liquids and chemicals; both petroleum and water-based. In fact, it shows overall good chemical resistance. It will protect a keyboard from most common chemicals including many oils. At the very worst, it should give initial protection to keyboards where there is less chemical resistance and allow for timely removal before extensive damage occurs to the keyboard.

SEAL'n TYPE (PU) also performs extremely well over a wide range of temperatures, remaining flexible from -73 degree C to well over 300 degrees C in certain conditions. The Specific Gravity of the material is 1.12. The Hardness Durometer is 85A. The Tensile Strength is 48 MPa. The Ultimate Elongation is 570%. The Ultimate Modulus at 100% Elongation is 6.8 MPa and at 300% Elongation is 12.1 MPa.

For further information on Chemical Resistance and further detailed advice on specific applications of SEAL'n TYPE, please contact KADOR's Technical Department.


Cleaning SEAL'n TYPE (PU) can be undertaken whilst the cover is on the keyboard or if preferred, by removing, cleaning and replacing it. If the former method is used, please ensure that the computer is turned off or that the keyboard is unplugged.
The cleaning process may be carried out with dilute soap or detergent solution. Most proprietary cleaners and certain disinfectants may be applied but you should contact Kador Ltd. before usage for confirmation.
Hospitals, laboratories, and other health facilities-- worldwide -- use Seal'n Type covers towards combating disease
and viral transmission from keyboards, laptops,telephones and other types of keypads.

Please direct any queries about Seal'n Type to KADOR's Technical Department.

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  Kador Ltd: an environmentally friendly company Kador Ltd. is a business which is always concerned about the environment.
Seal'n Type keyboard covers are made from polymer films such as polyurethane; all of which are recyclable. There is no waste.
All packaging materials used by Kador Ltd.are re-used and/or recycled.

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Seal'n Type Discount Pricing
How much does Seal'n TypeTM  cost?

The price for a Seal'n Type cover is  $14.95(US)  or  $14.95(CDN)  or  £12.95(GB).

Quantities of:
  •   2 - 5 seals receive a 10% discount
  •   6 -10 seals receive a 15% discount
  •   11-24 seals receive a 20% discount
  •   25 or more will receive larger discounts.
    Substantial Discounts are usually offered for high volume purchases.
    Bonafide charities and educational institutions receive special quantity discounts.
    Please be advised that pricing on any products supplied by Kador Ltd may be subject to change without prior notice.
    If there are any price alterations, the final pricing will be agreed upon at the time of contract.

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Bonafide charities and educational institutions receive an extra 10% discount
at each quantity level.
Dealer and Distributor inquiries are welcome. Trade discounts are offered.

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+Legitimate and verifiable pricing must be proven. Lowest price guarantee subject to withdrawal without prior notice.
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