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Kador Ltd. * vacuum forming * mould making * cartons * maker of Seal'n Type type-through covers*
                                        * Safe'n Secure:- selected safety and security products for home and business *
Email KADOR: contact@kador.com   Fax: +1 705 489 1838 (N.America), +44 (0)845 458 0430 (UK)

Seal'n Type is a registered tradename/trademark. e. & o.e. Registered Design. © Copyright 1997-99,2000-6
All rights reserved. All product description and prices are subject to change without notice.
All tradenames/trademarks are acknowledged and intellectual property rights relating thereto respected.
All prices quoted are "ex-works" and so exclude packing, delivery, taxes, duties and charges relating to customs (if any).
All sales by Kador Ltd. are strictly subject to the terms and conditions as set forth on KAD/TC. © Kador Ltd.
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