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 Floating Waterproof Cases
DRY PAK is the new industry standard in waterproof cases.

Each DRY PAK features a cam lock clip that hermetically seals out water, sand and dust. If you drop it in the water, it floats, and the bright yellow clip is easy to spot.

There are a total of 18 styles of DRY PAK available to fit all cell phones, PDAs, GPSs, Pocket PCs, Gameboys, cameras, laptops, camcorders and VHF radios. They're also great for keeping other personal items safe and dry.

If you play on or near the water, you've got to check these out-

DRY PAKS are reasonably priced.   Pay a little to save a lot.

"DRY PAKS are perfect for an active outdoor lifestyle"

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  • Features:

  • 100% Waterproof Cases protect electronic and other personal items

  • Hermetically seals out water, sand and dust

  • Operate phones, Cameras, PDAs, Radios, GPS ... through the case

  • Talking and listening can be done straight through the case

  • Made for durability and will function even in extreme heat and cold.

  • Many sizes available


    How does DRYPAK work?

    Each and every DRYPAK case is equipped with secure cam lock clips along the top end. This lock system hermetically seals out water, sand and dust. Simply twist the know upwards to open. It's that easy!

    All cases are securely ultrasonically welded to the top cam clips, so there are no parts to lose.

    Attached to the cam lock system is a black adjustable neck lanyard (or full should strap for larger packs) for easy carrying of your DRYPAK. An anodized aluminum spring hook is also provided to be conveniently used with your DRYPAK.

    Of what material is DRYPAK made?

    Drypak is made of a clear hi-tech thermo-plastic polyurethane (TPU) which is highly flexible and very durable. It is approximately 10 times stronger than vinyl and has incredible resistance to hot and cold temperatures. This special TPU is highly polished and therefore optically clear. Sound transmits right through it with less than 5% loss of volume.

    Can you work the device normally while it is inside a DRYPAK?

    Yes.You can take pictures right through the DRYPAK case. The fact that sound can pass through DRYPAK cases makes it a perfect choice for the protection of phones and VHF devices:- even while in use.

    How does one determine the best size of Drypak to suit the device to be protected?

    You can't go wrong: Simply measure the item(s) you wish to protect and check them with those which we list with each model of DRYPAK. Also check our stated maximum circumference dimensions for each DRYPAK.

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