frequently asked questions


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Do I need Internet access to use the i-Cam?
No. i-Cam uses a standard telephone line.

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How do you see the image if it’s not sent across the Internet?
i-Cam transmits data from its built-in modem to the modem of the receiving PC. You dial into it as you would to a regular telephone. It answers the call in a way similar to how a fax machine does. Once connected, you will see live, high quality images taken directly through the "eyes" of the i-Cam.

eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Are the i-Cam images in black & white or colour?
The images are transmitted in colour. i-Cam has a built in colour camera.For either black & white or colour camera usage, please consider the i-Cam ll
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Can I both hear and see what is happening at the camera site?
i-Cam transmits video only. "A picture is worth a 1000 words."
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Do I need to have a PC at both ends like a web cam, in order to use the i-Cam?
No.  A PC is only needed at the viewing site.
You place an i-Cam at the location to be watched.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Can i-Cam be used for a specific security purpose?
Yes, by using the alarm/sensor output, with an alarm sensor (e.g. a motion detector) attached.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Is i-Cam weatherproof and can it be used outside?
No. Unprotected units should never be placed outdoors. You can put an i-Cam into a weatherproof housing or set it up indoors viewing through a window. Or, you can use weatherproof cameras with the i-Cam ll for specific outdoor applications.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Can i-Cam be used in a commercial setting to watch my store and employees?
Yes. i-Cam has unlimited uses and can be used discreetly to watch your home, business, stock, employees, kids, pets, livestock,...etc.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Do I need a separate phone line for the i-Cam or can I use the main phone line?
Good News! You can use the main phone line or you can use a separate/dedicated phone line. You can set the number of rings at which i-Cam will answer so as to avoid conflicts with answer phones and fax machines. Depending on how "busy" your main phone line is, or how important the surveillance task is, it may be sensible to use i-Cam on a dedicated line.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Will my children or employees know when I’m watching from another location?
Not if you use a separate phone line. The camera has no LED light and can be easily hidden.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Is everything I need included with the i-Cam or will I need to purchase additional parts in order to use it?
i-Cam is supplied as a complete plug-in & go remote observation system. It includes all the accessories you need.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Can the i-Cam be used at anytime of the day or night?
i-Cam can be used anytime of day or night so long as the level of light is appropriate.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) For how many miles away can the i-Cam transmit images? Does the image quality change the further away you are from the i-Cam?
i-Cam can be used around the world so long as a standard phone line is available. Distance does not affect the image quality.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Do I need two i-Cam units? One at the camera site and one at the viewing site?
No. One i-Cam unit is all you need.
eye_bullet_big.gif (914 bytes) Do the transmitted images look like a movie?
The images do not like a movie. They are JPEG images (snapshots). You get one image every 2.5 to 10 seconds depending on the resolution setting.