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Remote Digital Camera with built-in modem
Keep an eye on a location while you are offsite

Multiple Uses: children, elderly, employees, pets, homes, cottages, businesses, construction sites, factories . . .etc. .

i-Cam: the affordable Remote Digital Camera


Unit Diagram

m2c1.gif (18672 bytes)m2c2.gif (23796 bytes)

a - Built-in Color Digital Camera
b - RCA Input (plug into the TV)
c - PC Input (take digital picture with your PC)
d - Alarm Input (set-up a motion sensor & record onto the unit)
e - Line In (telephone line connection)
f - Line Out (share phone line with telephone/answering machine)



How i-Cam Works

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Main Features

Built-in 33.6 kpbs modem for transmitting images through normal phone lines

Built-in 1/4" color CCD camera for image capture & transmission (VGA 640x480)

Built-in 2MB flash memory for capturing and saving images up to 120 high resolution JPEG images when triggered by an external sensor/alarm

The Alarm Input Jack (see above diagram) allows for easily attaching an external alarm sensor device (such as a motion sensor) to the i-Cam

When the alarm is triggered, i-Cam starts taking pictures and adding date and time stamps.
It can either store these digital color images in its internal memory for later retrieval or automatically dial out to an offsite PC and transmit images to it.  In the latter case, even if the i-Cam is completely destroyed by a criminal, the digital images would be safe in the off-site computer. 

Uses normal telephone lines for transmission.  Receiving PC can be located anywhere in world.

Built-in keypad on i-Cam allows for onsite program changes - or can be altered anytime by the offsite receiving PC.

Can easily be installed in multiple PC's (WIN95/98, NT) and password protected (if desired)

Low cost unit with no annual service costs.  No need of dedicated phone line.


N.B. Please check before you purchase to ensure that the compatibility of your computer modem is functional with the one built-into the i-Cam. If necessary a test can be run. Also, this i-Cam package has been put together for the North American market (USA, Canada and Mexico). This camera system will also work fine in many other countries but you should certainly check with us first for our confirmation that it will work in your location. Otherwise, you buy at your own risk. It is possible that you will need to use an adapter with the supplied telephone cable so you can plug-in to your telephone jack.


Possible Applications

i-Cam may be used for the following:

Offsite Monitoring of homes, cottages, shops, offices, factories, warehouses, cars, boats etc...

Child care monitoring for development at home, nurseries, kindergartens and schools

Observing the well-being of senior citizens and  disables

Monitoring in and out patients in hospitals

Managing employee conduct and duties from remote location

Stock and inventory check

Pet watch

Safety and Security Video Surveillance



Technical Specification

Camera Spec

Lens : F No 2.8
CCD : 1/4", Color, 350K pixels
Focus Area : 30cm infinity
Auto Focus
Shutter Speed : 1/8 - 1/4000

Image Related

Resolutions : Selectable image size (160x120, 320x240, 640x480 pixel)]
Video compression : Standard JPEG
Image update rate (refreshing rate) :
2-5 sec / 1 frame


Internal Memory : 2MB flash memory
Storage capacity : Max 120 pictures -    depend on the resolution setting

First Set up (Input password, phone #, etc)

1 NTSC composite video, RCA ,connector
Input password, phone number store to    auto dial-up remotely.

Communication Interface

Standard Phone Line : RJ 11 connector
RS-232C connector
Modem spec : 33.6kbps

Sensor Interface 

1 sensor alarm input and output
Auto dial up and transmit picture to the remote site(two telephone number store)
Auto storage : 5 pictures per event
Storage interval : 1.5sec/1frame


Power supply : 6DC via external AC power module
Power consumption : 5~9watts
EMC : FCC class B
Safety : U/L

Operating Software for a viewer program

Windows 95/98, NT


Size : 11.2(W) x 5.1(H) x 10.8cm(L)
Weight : Approx 800g


1 year parts & labor


Operating Temperature : 0 to 40C

Accessories Included in the Box

accessories1.gif (6759 bytes)accessories2.gif (21131 bytes)accessories3.gif (27155 bytes)


*Please be advised that i -Cam is also sold under the name MiWatcher Two.


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