i-Cam ll*

Remote Digital System with built-in modem.

Transmits images from up to 6 cameras across
telephone lines to an offsite receiving PC.

Keep an eye on a location while you are offsite

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Unit Diagram

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a - Line In (telephone line connection)
b - Line Out (share phone line with telephone/answering machine)

c - RS232 Input/PC Input (take digital picture with your PC)
d - DC 6V Adapter
e - On/Off Power Switch
f - Video Output - NTSC/PAL (used with existing quad or time lapse recorder)
g - Interface with Max 6 External Sensors
h - Video Output/BNC Output Connector for up to 6 cameras




Affordable: low-cost video monitoring

Plug-in & go: easy to install and easy to use --- standalone unit

Flexibility of using almost any CCTV color or B&W camera - supports up to 6 cameras
Now you can easily keep an eye on up to 6 areas at one remote location!

Compatible with most existing CCTV security systems

Built-in 33.6 kpbs modem for transmitting images through normal phone lines

A trap door on top of the device allows onsite program changes - or changes can be made anytime through the remote PC

Captures pictures and transmits them to a off site or onsite PC on demand.

With up to 6 external motion sensors or other alarm sensors connected, i -Cam ll is capable of sending an alarm alert as well as taking & transmitting pictures to an offsite PC when any sensor is tripped.

6 alarm trip inputs (one for each camera) allow for automatic activation during an intrusion so that pictures are taken and transmitted to an offsite PC. Images can be saved by the internal 2mb flash memory. These images can either be retrieved later by the operator or can automatically be sent to the offsite/onsite PC with date and time stamp.

No PC is required on the site under surveillance!



Possible Applications

i -Cam ll may be used for the following:

  • Ideal for multiple business owners who wish to monitor several locations
  • Owners/Managers can remotely view their employees' activities from the comfort of home or other business location
  • Stock or inventory checks, temperature gauges, humidity, water levels
  • Livestock monitoring
  • Viewing of 6 different areas at one location
  • Monitoring for homes, shops, office, warehouses, cottages, automobiles and various buildings
  • Child care monitoring for development at home, nurseries, kindergartens and schools
  • Observing the well-being of senior citizens or disabled persons
  • Monitoring in and out patients in hospitals or clinics
  • Managing employee conduct and duties from remote location
  • Traffic Control, crowd control, weather and road conditions
  • Video verification



How i -Cam ll Works

i -Cam ll is a unit that transmit images from up to 6 cameras.

What you need:

middle maximum 6 external cameras to capture images
middle i-Cam ll to integrate and send images captured from the 6 cameras
middle normal telephone line to transmit the images
middle PC/laptop to receive and view the images

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System/Camera Specification


6 camera video input

Image Related

Resolutions : Selectable image size (160x60, 320x120, 640x240 pixel)
Video compression : Standard JPEG
Image Transmission Rate : 1 JPEG image every 7-9 seconds


Internal Memory : 2MB flash memory
Storage capacity : Max 120 pictures - depend on Image

Video Output

1 NTSC composite video, BNC connector

Communication Interface

Standard Phone Line : RJ 11 connector
>RS-232C connector, max 115kbps
Modem speed: 33.6kbps

Sensor Interface

6 sensor alarm input
Auto dial up and Image Transmission
Storage interval : 1.5sec/ 1 frame
Auto storage : 5 pictures/event


Power supply : 6DC/1.2A adapter
EMC : FCC class B
Safety : U/L
Power on/off switch

Operating Software for a viewer program

Windows 95/98, NT



Accessories Included in the Box

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*Please be advised that i -Cam ll is also sold under the name MiWatcher Three.