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You will be surprised how inexpensive it is to protect your equipment.

Our pricing is very reasonable because:
  • You are dealing directly with the manufacturer.

  • Mould-making, themoforming and packaging is done 'in house'.
    No third party tooling charges.

  • Our factories are in low-cost economic areas. Costs are kept down.
    Our customers benefit thereby.

  • We mass manufacture and the consequent economies of scale are significant.
    This allows for substantial discounts on quantity orders.
Seal'n Type type-through protective covers are manufactured for all sorts of
push-button machines: keyboards, keypads, laptops, palmtops, POS terminals, tills,
telephones, switches, instruments, control panels and more. . . .

Covers can be designed for health & hygiene purposes, internal or external water and dust-proofing.

Over the years we have made protective covers for laptops on boats, hospital keypads, telephones,
computer terminals on airplanes, lab equipment, radio units in deserts, bus ticket machines, gieger counters . . etc.
We have also made covers which have been imprinted with software commands and in
different languages. We even do special covers to protect touch screens!

Seal'n Typekeyboard covers: people just love them!

  • We supply covers ex-stock and undertake custom or protoype work-
    -no job is too large or small!

  • Our prices are as competitive as you can get:- We offer a lowest price guarantee.

  • Our service is quick and efficient: backed by fifteen years of manufacturing experience.

  • Quality is always a priorty: our products are hand-checked at least twice before dispatch.

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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