Self-Powered Flashlight >>>

Self-Powered Emergency Short Wave AM/FM Radio

Self-Powered Short Wave Radio
      Excellent AM/FM/Short Wave radio with built-in flashlight

Four power sources: wind up, solar, battery or plug-in

      Saves money:- no disposable batteries

Includes built-in siren, compass, thermometer & digital clock

      Portable and durable:- built to last

      Always have a working radio on hand

    Reliable radio (AM/FM/SW) for home, cottage, car, camping,power outages, emergencies . . . etc.

    Also included free:  a set of ear phones, an add-on external short wave antenna  &  an AC/DC adapter

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Self-Powered Radio --- for use anytime, anywhere

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Be prepared and stay informed with this suburb Emergency Self-Powered Short Wave Radio. If the power goes out and batteries aren't available, this Emergency Radio can operate for about 20 minutes for only two minutes of cranking. The solar panel will produce 6V and 48mA of charging power when the radio is in direct sunlight. You can use the radio; powered directly from the solar panel or charge it when it is turned off. Its built-in generator and solar panel means that even in the most desperate situations, you will still have access to local news and information as well as to news broadcasts from around the world.

  • Four band tuning - receives AM, FM, SW1, and SW2 stations.

  • Built-in dynamo power generator- you can "crank up" the radio & listen to it under emergency conditions when no power is available.

  • When in sunny location, built-in solar panel will directly power radio when in use or charge it when turned off. 12 hours in the sun will provide you with 6-8 hours playing time.

  • Rechargeable battery pack built-in- provides reliable, renewable, internal power for everyday use.

  • 4 way power: wind-up, solar, AC adapter, regular batteries (3 x AA).

  • 2 1/2" Diameter speaker - provides clear dynamic audio in a compact radio.

  • Tuning knob - for precise pick up of radio and short wave stations.
    Station indicating needle glows in dark.

  • LED lights clearly indicate when station is tuned in to maximum strength.

  • DC jack - a built-in 4.5V DC jack has been provided for external power connection.

  • Earphone jack - this radio has a 3.5mm stereo earphone socket.

  • Antenna - 360 degrees telescope antenna provides excellent radio signal for FM and SW. Also special built-in antenna for AM reception.

  • Emergency flashlight - a built-in strong light for use in 'emergency' darkness.

  • Other useful items built-in include: compass, thermometer, digital clock & a secure storage compartment with a screw-on lid located below the flashlight.

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)
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How is this Emergency Radio powered?

There are four sources of power for this radio. Firstly and foremostly is the revolutionary generator: a unique dynamo mechanism that captures your own human energy as you turn the winding handle. This energy is then directed towards towards powering the radio.

Radio operation time depends on the number of wind-up turns and time per turn. Winding for just 60-90 quick turns (at say two turns per second) will provide up to 20 minutes of play time.

Secondly, the radio can be powered by the sun using the built-in solar panel. When in sunny location, built-in solar panel will directly power radio when in use or charge it when turned off. 12 hours in the sun will provide you with 6-8 hours playing time.Thirdly, the radio can be run using normal batteries (3 x AA, not supplied).

Finally, the radio can be powered or charged using a plug-in 4.5V AC/DC adapter (included) . There is a jack location for the adapter in the back of the radio.

An optional car adapter could also be used.

How well does the radio receive and play?

The AM/FM/SW1/SW2 receiver picks up stations incredibly well. The frequency range is for FM: 88-108MHz, for AM: 530-1710KHz, for SW1: 6.00- 12 MHz, and for SW2: 12.00- 18 MHz. There is an internal AM antenna and an external telescopic and rotating FM antenna. Short Wave stations from around the world tend to have stronger reception at night. Orient the radio for optimum performance and tune in using the sensitive tuning control knob. The 2.5" speaker (0.5 W at 8 Ohms) provides a good tonal sound and volume.

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What other features are on the radio?

The radio comes with the following features: Built-in power generator, Rechargeable battery pack, Power source selector, Four band Radio(AM/FM/Shortwave 1 & 2, Dial-scale frequency selector with tuning control, Volume, on/off control, Band Selector, Internal and external antenna, Emergency Light, Winder handle, Solar Panel, DC input jack, Earphone socket, Compass, Thermometer, Siren with flash, Storage compartment, carrying shoulder-length strap. Heavy-Duty, Splash-proof, ABS casing.
How well does the Flashlight work?

The flashlight emits the strongest light that we have found built-in to a self-powered radio. It will provide you with excellent light in darkness.

What are the approx. dimensions and weight of the radio? Height = 4.00 inches, Length = 8.0 inches, Width= 2.5 inches, Weight = 10 oz.

What is your special offer for this radio package?Along with the Emergency Self-Powered Short Wave Radio itself, you will receive a free AC/DC adapter, a free set of quality ear phones (ear bud style) and a free additional, external, short wave wire antenna. This wire antenna can be plugged into the earphone jack to improve short wave reception.*

* This offer offer is subject to change without notice and is also dependent on available stocks. E. & O.E.
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Our Considered Comments

Take our advice: always be prepared by keeping an emergency self-powered short wave radio on hand.

It is important to have a dependable, working radio at hand in case of emergency. In the event of a power failure caused by a natural disaster (eg ice storm, earthquake) or other emergency, you will need to keep in touch with what is happening by monitoring the radio.

Dead batteries or no batteries are not options! A Self-Powered radio does away with these uncertainties. You have a quality radio always working when you need it. And you can tune into radio broadcasts from all over the world on the short wave bands.

And it is very handy and fun to take a Wind-up Radio with you to the cottage, lakeside, beach, ice fishing, camping-- or wherever for your listening pleasure. Just pick it up and go. No need to worry about batteries as the radio runs by its own "wind up" or solar power. You can even use it with regular batteries or by plugging it in with the included DC adapter.

We were very impressed by the quality of the radio's reception and sound. The speaker gave off a fine listening sound and good range in volume which made it suitable for outdoor use. It was tried and tested by our staff on the beach, at home and in a canoe! The radio played very well in all trial conditions. The built-in compass, thermometer, digital clock are useful features. Into the special storage compartment with screw-on lid, we put bandages, insect repellent, sun tan lotion etc... The casing is strong and durable. The wind up mechanism was easy and quick. The solar panel will run or charge the radio when exposed to direct sunlight. In our trials, the length of play from a wind-up exceeded the claims of the manufacturer. It was unbelievable how long the radio played when it was fully charged.

We carry the Emergency Self-Powered Short Wave Radio because it is clearly a quality product made by a well-known company and represents excellent value for money. It is a serious bit of equipment derived from excellent technology and design. In a crisis or emergency, it would be essential and reliable for survival. This is aside from its obvious recreational use.

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Emergency Self-Powered SW Radio: Pricing

  US Dollars ($US) UK Sterling
Canadian Dollars ($CDN)
Emergency Self-Powered SW Radio $40.95 £40.95 $45.95

Discounts may apply to multiple orders and to charities or schools.

Special Offer: The Emergency Self-Powered Radio Package now includes these freebies:  a set of ear phones, an add-on external short wave antenna  &  an AC/DC adapter*

Each radio is covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

* The special offer is subject to change without notice and is dependent on available stocks. E. & O.E.

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