Remote Digital Camera
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When you can't be there --- you can still see there!

Keep an eye on your business . . . whenever from wherever.

Keep an eye on your shop, construction site, machinery, production line, stock levels, counter transactions, warehouse, parking lot, etc.
Many Business Uses
Possible business uses for this technology include:

Watching the shop floor --
  • staff safety & security
  • staff behaviour
  • stock levels
  • cash transactions
  • customer turnout
  • customer behaviour
  • crimes: theft, shoplifting, etc.
  • broadcast pictures of new products or services onto web site
Construction site monitoring:
  • staff safety & security
  • staff behaviour
  • observe building progress
  • stock levels
  • security watch on stock and machinery
  • keep customers uptodate with "hands on" obervation.
  • broadcast pictures of construction onto website
Factory Watch:
  • staff safety & security
  • staff behaviour
  • production line
  • stock levels
  • factory warehouse security
  • parking lot
  • observe machinery gauges e.g. temperature
  • avoid reacting due to false alarms
  • broadcast live picture onto website
Other possibilites:
  • Traffic conditions- monitor and broadcast regular updates
  • Real Estate- show properties to absentee clients
  • Tourist Attractions- broadcast "live" pictures, weather conditions, attendance levels
  • Ski Resorts- broadcast show snow conditons and skier turnout
  • Marina, Sailing Clubs- show water and wind conditions
  • Golf/Tennis- show course/court conditions, weather, attendance, tournament publicity
  • Nursery or day care can broadcast to parents or guardians. Birth of a foal as captured by a Remote Ditigal Camera
  • Disco, Nightclubs:-- publicise with "live" pictures of your event.
  • Hotels, Motels, B & B- show your rooms, views, faciltities
  • Fish market- publicise your "special catch of the day"
  • Farmers- watch livestock from comfort of home or office
  • Zoo watch