Camit 1 + gsm
Keep an eye on your property while you are away

Stand-alone digital colour camera with built-in v.90 modem for remote site surveillance.
Live digital pictures are taken by the Camit 1 camera and transmitted over standard
telephone linesto a receiving PC anywhere in the world. Direct modem to modem
-point to point- connection. Wireless transmission option using a gsm modem.
No PC nor Internet connection is required at site under surveillance.

For a limited time only, this product is supplied with a FREE surge protector (valued at $14.95 US).

<b><b>Camit 1</b> + gsm</b>: the low-cost Remote security Digital Camera for surveillance whilst offsite



How the Camit 1 + gsm works

Camit 1 + gsm is a colour camera with a built-in modem.

It can be connected at any location to a regular telephone line to transmit live images
through those telephone lines. If a wireless transmission is required you can plug-in
an optional gsm modem to the Camit 1 and transmit the images across the gsm cellular network.

NO PC is needed at the location under surveillance.  No subscription service required.   Easy to Install.

Camit 1 + gsm is a plug-in & go, stand-alone system.

You can dial to the "on duty" Camit 1 from anywhere using a computer with modem for remote monitoring of the site.

Or, Camit 1 can be triggered using its built-in motion detector or other optional external security device. Once triggered, Camit 1 will automatically dial out and send images to a pre-determined computer for saving to hard disk.


N.B.Please check before you purchase to ensure that the compatibility of your computer modem is functional with the one built-into the Camit 1 + gsm. If necessary a test can be run. Also, this Camit 1 + gsm package has been put together for the North American market (USA, Canada and Mexico). This camera system will also work fine in many other countries but you should certainly check with us first for our confirmation that it will work in your location. Otherwise, you buy at your own risk. It is possible that you will need to use an adapter with the supplied telephone cable so you can plug-in to your telephone jack.

Colour Remote Digital Camera with built-in v.90 modem

Stand-alone:-  No PC required at site under surveillance

Easy to use:-  Just plug-in & go!

Secure modem to modem picture transmission through standard telephone lines

Wireless transmission option using a gsm modem

User can dial into Camit 1 - or it can be triggered to dial out to you -
for real time colour picture transmission and viewing

Built-in motion detector

Low-cost unit with no monthly or annual service charges


Main Features

Real time monitoring and no PC required at remote site.

CMOS color security camera rapidly takes great pictures.

Low in cost, small in size, portable, low voltage, plug-in & go.

Built-in 56 Kbs/v.90 modem for transmitting real time images through normal phone lines

Point to Point, direct modem to modem real time monitoring. Safe, secure and reliable transmission.

*** NEW FEATURE *** Option to connect to an external gsm modem for real time "wireless" picture signal transmission

Built-in motion detection. The camera itself can act as a motion detector. The motion sensitivity is adustable. When motion is detected, the camera is tripped. It automatically starts taking pictures, dials up your preset telephone number(s)and starts safely transmitting the pictures offsite to your receiving PC.

Alarm Input and Output Jacks (see above diagram) allows for easily attaching to the Camit 1: a) an external alarm input sensor device (such as an extra motion sensor)or  b) an external output device such as a strobe light which is activated once the camera has been set off. Optional expansion to up to 8 Input or Output devices 

When the alarm is triggered, Camit 1 + gsm starts taking pictures and adding date and time stamps.
It automatically dials out to an offsite PC and transmits images to it.  These images can viewed on the PC and saved to hard disk as Jpeg (.jpg) files. Even if the Camit 1 + gsm were completely destroyed by a criminal, the digital images would be safe in the off-site computer. 

Built-in real time clock allows you to set a schedule for security surveillance. 

Software for receiving can easily be installed in multiple PC's (WIN95/98,2000,XP,NT) and has optional password access protection

Low cost surveillance system with no annual service costs.  No need of dedicated phone line.

To read the manual for the Camit 1 + gsm just click on the following link:
To download it, right click your mouse on the link & choose "Save Target As..."
Manual for Camit 1 + gsm   (39 pages, .pdf file, 3.9MB).



Possible Applications  (see some pictures)

Camit 1 + gsm may be used for the following:

Offsite Monitoring of homes, cottages, shops, offices, factories, warehouses, cars, boats etc...

Keep peace of mind knowing that your family and home are safe while you are at work or overseas.

Cottage Watch. Keep an eye on second homes.

Child care monitoring for development at home, nurseries, kindergartens and schools

Observing the well-being of senior citizens and  disables

Monitoring in and out patients in hospitals

Managing employee conduct and duties from remote location

Stock and inventory check

Pet watch. Check on livestock. View wildlife.

Construction site video surveillance

Safety and Security Video Surveillance for home or business

Traffic watch. Weather watch. Check Snow conditons.

Monitor gages for say: temperature, water level, gas pressure, moisture, electrical consumption. . . etc.



Technical Specification

Power consumption: 5V DC, 450mA
DB9C for configuration setup and optional accessories
RJ11 for telephone line
RJ22 for 5V DC /90~240V AC adaptor and trigger input /output
Trigger input: Normal Close to Open or Low to High TTL level
Motion detection sensitivity: High, Medium, and Low
Trigger out: Low to High TTL Level
Transmission Speed (frame/sec.):
High Resolution (640x480): ~ 0.5
Medium Resolution (320x240): ~ 2
Low Resolution (160x120): ~ 8
Weight: 150g
Dimension of Main Body: 4.8cm x 6.7cm x 10.2cm
CMOS Camera support Specification:
300K pixels, 1/3กจ
S/N Ratio: > 48dB
Gamma Correction: 0.45
Lens: (others are available as optional items)
Min. Illumination: <2.5 lux @ f2.0
Focal Length: 2.5mm
Back Focal Length: 5.96mm
Aperture: F 2
Angle of View (DIA): 90
Operation Environment:
Temperature: 0oC~55oC
Humidity: 85% relative at 25oC

What you get in the package

And -- as a special extra -- we are also throwing in a wall-mounting bracket
so you can easily and securely position the Camit camera onto a wall.