"Shine"  >>>       Self-Powered Multi-LED Bright Light

Shine front viewShine side view
Shine backShine SOS LEDs

Shine gives very bright light
Package includes: "Shine", USB charging cable, Instruction manual in English, French & Spanish.

Fantastic Pricing!!!

$22.95 US/$22.95 CAD/£18.95 GB

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"Shine is an essential emergency device, without whuch you you cannot really do. This high intensity, ready-to-go, long-lasting, self-powered light can be used in households, businesses, autos and when camping. Shine has three flashing red LED lights which can be activated for a prolonged time for emergency useage. It also comes complete with a holder, hanger and powerful magnet for convenient hands-free usage.

Never be left in darkness when a Shine is at hand.
Pay a little. . .so you can see in the dark!
  Powerful- 19 high intensity LED bulbs offering different lighting levels.
  Portable- Compact design, easy to use & very handy.You can hold it, hang it, or stick it on metalic magnetic surfaces
  Versatile- Charge it by hand cranking, or any USB port (e.g. laptop, wall or car charger, U-powered).
  Tried & Tested- Proven to be a reliable & effective portable light source.
  Built to Last- Solid, durable, rainproof casing, built-in handle, hangup hook, & magnetic fasteners
  Eco-friendly- Cranking a few minutes generates power for long-lasting light. Free, easy & clean. No batteries.
Max. Luminous Flux: 60 Lm
After 3 mins. Cranking:
High light:
Low light:

9 mins.
40 mins.
Fully Charged:
High light:
Low light:
Red light:
Red flashing light:

3 hrs.
12 hrs.
14 hrs.
28 hrs.
Cranking time to reach full charge: 100 mins.
USB charging time to reach full charge: 5 hrs.
Input Voltage: 5 +/- 0.2 V
Built-in storage battery: 800mAh, 3.6V
Holds charge for 6 mnths. min.
Specifications subject to change without notice. e. & o.e.