If your keyboard is not listed, don't worry. . .

New models of Seal'n Type are constantly being added to our range of covers.
Or, it may be the case that we just need to know more about your keyboard.

It may be your lucky day!

Please complete the 'quick & easy' I.D. Form below:

We will email you to confirm that we can suppy a SEAL'n TYPE to fit your keyboard. Then you can place your order using our online order form. Thank you.

Helpful Tips For Filling Out I.D. Form (you will need your keyboard handy):

Seal'n Type keyboard covers are model specific. Each Seal'n Type is designed to fit a particular model of keyboard. So it is important for us to identify your exact keyboard.

Check the surface and underside of your keyboard for the details of its MAKE, MODEL and PART numbers. Please record them accurately where asked. Providing us with a photocopy (or photo) of the actual keyboard greatly helps to identify the correctly fitting Seal'n Type model.

Very occasionally, there is no information on the bottom of the keyboard. If this is the case, please complete as much of the I.D. Form as possible.

We will email you to confirm that we can suppy a SEAL'n TYPE to fit your keyboard.
If you have any queries, please contact@kador.com                                To: I.D. Form

KEYBOARD I.D. FORM (see helpful tips)

Your Email Address (must be included)

  1. Copy the exact information written underneath your keyboard.

  2. a) What is the length of your keyboard (inches or mm.)?
    b) What is the width of your keyboard (inches or mm.)? 

  3. a) Is the shape of your keyboard rectangular (overview)? YES     NO
    b) If not, please briefly describe its shape (overview):

  4. Where does the connecting lead (wire) enter your keyboard?
    Top Left      Centre      Top Right      Other      Movable

  5. If there is a logo marked on your keyboard;
         a) What does it say?
          b) Where is it?        Top Left      Centre      Top Right      Other     

  6. a) How many keys are there on your keyboard (including space bar)?
    101    102    105 (Windows 95)     122     Other
    b) How many 'F' (Function) keys are there?

  7. What is the shape of your Alpha 'Return' or 'Enter' key?
    (N.B.We are not (repeat not) asking about the 'Enter' key on the numeric keypad.)

    Horizontal       Verticle      Reverse 'L'
    Upside Down Reverse 'L'               Other


  8. N.B. Your completed order form has been successfully sent if you clicked on the above 'SEND NOW' button and no warning or error message appeared thereafter. We will email you shortly to let you know if we have a SEAL'n TYPE cover to fit your keyboard. Thank you for your interest in our product.


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