Baofeng UV-B6 Dual Band + FM Emergency Radio: To Order


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Baofeng UV-B6 Dual Band Radio:  Pricing

The purchase price for a Baofeng UV-B6 radio kit is $58.85 CAD.
Discounts apply for multiple orders. Delivery and tax are extra.

UV-B6 Accessories - Pricing
(All pricing below is quoted in Canadian dollars and subjext to tax. Delivery is extra)

1) Spare Baofeng UV-B6 Battery:- Li-on 2000 mAh  ---- $15.95

2) Battery Eliminator (allows for plug-in to 12 volt car port) ---- $18.95

3) Earpiece/Mic ---- $9.95

4) Nagoya NA-774 Dual Band(SMA-Female)antenna ---- $17.95
Telescoping & pivotal, improves performance of UV-B6


5) USB programming cable: ---- $14.95

6) Drypak DP512 waterproof, weatherproof case only, (it even floats!) 5" x 12" to fit UV-B6 ---- $24.95

7) Baofeng Hand Speaker + Mic: ---- $15.95
Compatible with UV-B6, rotating belt clip
8) Throat Mic with ear piece (Secret Service style)
Compatible with UV-B6 ---- $19.95

All pricing is in Canadian dollars. Delivery and taxes are extra. e&oe


Kador Ltd. - Contact Details:

1 800 841 9877 or +1 845 215 0505 EST
Skype: kadorltd