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Moulding Specifications

  1. High definition mouldings are achieved:- up to 26 inches square (615 mm) with a draw height of up to 16 inches (406mm)
    in almost any thermoformable material.

  2. All types of forming undertaken:- from skin packaging on a card backing to large mouldings in heavy duty plastics.

    Various grades and thicknesses of thermoforming materials are available to suit customer requirements. Both flexible
    and non-flexible materials are stocked and converted. Otherwise, we will source what is needed.

  3. Powerful infra-red, thermostatically controlled concentric heating systems on each of our machines allows for the
    thermoforming of PVC and PU films. Thermoforming films is a professional specialty of our Company.

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Quote Required?

We would be pleased to quote you.

Our pricing is very reasonable because:
  • You are dealing directly with the manufacturer.

  • Mould-making, themoforming and packaging is done 'in house'.
    No third party tooling charges.

  • Our factories are in low-cost economic areas. Costs are kept down.
    Our customers benefit thereby.

  • We mass manufacture which allows for economies of scale. This reduces costs.
    Our savings are passed on through substantial discounts on quantity orders.

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Our Contact Details:
United States
Kador Ltd.
119 Rockland Center
Nanuet, NY 10954
Toll Free Phone:

1 800 841 9877
+1 845 215 0505
Canada(factory address) Kador Ltd.
Minden, Ontario
Canada K0M 2K0
+1 705 489 1839

1 800 841 9877
+1 845 215 0505
United KingdomKador Ltd.
Pontcynon Ind. Est.
Abercynon, Mid Glam.
United Kingdom
CF45 4EP
+44 0844 2844125

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