Wireless Alert System: Features

Never again miss an important visitor or delivery with the Wireless Alert System.

This simple security system has two elements: the Sensor & the Receiver. Just place the weatherproof Sensor near any location which requires surveillance such as driveways, entrances, homes, garages, business premises, barns, storage buildings. The Receiver should be put in a "base" location such as your home, office etc. When the Sensor detects activity or motion, it will transmit a signal to the Receiver which in turn will sound a warning tone. The transmission range is up to 1200 feet. The Receiver features sound control & has an output to trigger external devices such as alarms, bells, lights...etc. It can even be used to trigger an existing home or commercial alarm system.

The Sensor is powered by 4 x AA batteries which will usually last over a year. The Receiver comes with an AC power supply & plugs into a standard wall power outlet. It also has battery back-up capability. Each piece of this system is compact; measuring less than 4" x 3" x 2".

The Wireless System comes with a Sensor + weather shield, a Receiver + power supply & an Instruction Manual. This System is expandable so you can add extra Sensors &/or Receivers to provide wider surveillance coverage & give multiple warnings. Built-into the Receiver are four independent zones; each with a distinctive "beep". So you can add up to three additional sensors allowing you to cover four different locations simultaneously. And if required, each Sensor can communicate with several Receivers in larger installations.

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Wireless Alert System: 1200 feet max. signal transmission

Wireless Alert System package:- Great value for money!