Wireless USB PC Lock

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Now you can leave your desk and know that your computer will automatically lock until you return.

No one can access your computer whilst you are away.

Simply put the tiny transmitter into your pocket. Whenever you move beyond 2 metres from your computer, a wireless signal is transmitted telling your PC immediately to lock and hold. When you come within 2 meters, your computer will detect your presence and unlock for you to continue to use as normal. You can also lock and unlock your PC using a password.

No worries about forgetting to lock your computer when you are away.

The Wireless USB PC Lock device will do it automatically every time.

View Detail Specifications:
• Works with any USB 1.0/1.1/2.0 ports
• Comes with USB extension cable for easy access
• Provides instant PC/laptop security
• PC/laptop automatically enters “Lock Mode” when user is away from computer by more than an effective range
• Effective range : around 6-feet (2-meter)
• PC/laptop automatically resumes back to normal state when user is back within an effective range
• Once the PC/laptop enters the “Lock Mode”; a password is required to come back to normal mode if the transmitter/receiver units
  are not available to unlock the computer
• One transmitter can be used with multiple receivers; i.e. one transmitter can lock and unlock multiple computers at the same times.
• One unique security code is in the transmitter; computer will automatically recognizes the security code itself through the receiver
• Lithium battery usage : approximately 2000 hours
• Receiver power requirement : DC 5V-provided by the PC/laptop through USB port
• Fully Plug-N-Play compatible
• Supports Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP

Package contents:
• One (1) USB dongle receiver
• One (1) transmitter
• One (1) USB extension cable
• One (1) wire strap holder
• One (1) lithium battery (CR2032)
• One (1) driver & manual CD
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